How Agile helps me in becoming a better leader and better person?

When people, who don’t usually work in “agile way”, ask me, what’s all about “this Agile stuff?”, I realize they ask, “what’s in there for me?” What comes back then to me is time, when I was a business analyst and I’ve asked for it rarely – Agile was just a natural way of thinking, which I believed is the proper one. But after some time in change management structures I moved back closer to where I belong from the beginning – to business, day to day financial operations and colleagues not necessarily knowing what I brought to them. Additionally I had to become a team leader. The role I always said is not for me as I have nothing to do with “people management”. It was new and it was challenging, as I’ve never perceived myself being in a leader’s role. Back then – coincidentally and luckily – I learned about Kanban and Modern Agile. And what I found there – thanks to David Anderson and Joshua Kerievsky was a deep and humble care for people. I understood that I don’t need to “manage” them, I just have to ensure they feel safe and comfortable every day we meet. “Make people awesome” and “Make safety a prerequisite” – these two elements of Modern Agile are my daily mottos. Together with natural care for people, which Kanban offers, they lead me and even in the most difficult moments they remind me, what’s important in the work we do. We all have in mind clients as the center of what we do, but the basis for a great customer service is conscious, constant thinking about the ones we work with and we work for. Only a strong, trustful group of people, who may become your work-family, is able to build a foundation of a mature organization. Having this is mind is one of the main and the most important lessons Agile gave me.

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