Fit For Purpose Card – more than a survey

So I used F4P (Fit for Purpose) Card for my training. I found the method in the book “Fit for purpose” by David Anderson and Alexei Zheglov and then I also had a chance to participate in F4P survey by Paul Klipp. Honestly? I didn’t expect too much, but the results are truly amazing for me as a trainer to improve and better know people’s expectations and reactions. Before training started, I asked participants to write down the reasons behind their presence at this meeting and their expectations. After the training I asked them to rate (on a scale from 0 to 5), how well the content fits their needs and why they gave this rate. Why is it so powerful? I discovered only after reading carefuly and consciously all cards. So far – as a trainer – I received only the rate and sometimes few words of comment, but they were pretty general and based on this kind of feedback I rarely could improve anything. I also had impressions that time to time participants gave higher rates that I don’t feel bad about the sessions I conducted.

With F4P:

  1. People seem to be more honest, as I don’t ask them to rate me as a trainer, but they just say if I provided what they expected to see/hear.

  2. I received few cards, which had only needs expressed – with no comment or rate. But I saw that I didn’t fit them at all.

  3. More than 90% of rates have been commented. And these gave me really powerful feedback.

  4. Few cards – and that was interesting – told me that needs were 100% different than the training content. But participants rated the session as “exceeding expectations” – cause I provided something they didn’t anticipate.

  5. Finally, from my private emotions perspective, I didn’t feel bad. Even when I received score “0” or “1” it didn’t hurt me. It just told me, that I’m not able to satisfy everyone’s requirement. I knew that before, but the ways the traditional surveys rate the trainer don’t provide this kind of comfort and safety.

Summarizing very shortly: it was great! And I want more.

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