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Kanban VIP offer was created for anyone looking for customized, unique experience of a Kanban.

It's much more than a simple training. Each session is fully focused on you. There is only you and the trainer!


You will experience Kanban knowledge discovery and mentoring in one!


No other people, no distractors, no cases which you don't find applicable to your situation.

No matter, what you do, we will find solutions to your problems!

Who is it for?

  • You look for unique, personalized and customized Kanban class. 

  • You have your own case study you would like to work over 16 hrs of training.

  • You have specific training needs, which go beyond basic class curriculum.

  • You like to learn at your own, individual pace

Who will not find it useful?

  • You are interested in standard curriculum which covers your training needs.

What results will you observe?

You will experience everything traditional classes can bring you:

  • improvement of your process

  • enhancement of Kanban system

  • understanding of a change process

  • identifying common problems and pitfalls in your process

  • designing advanced feedback loops to enhance communication and stimulate improvements

  • and many more


What is more you will receive:

  • full trainer's attention

  • focus on your own case from the first hour of the class

  • additional materials and knowledge from Kanban field, which will support your development

  • 4 additional mentoring hours after class in completed (time will be individually agreed)

How does training look?

Each Kanban class (KSD, KDI, KSI) is designed for 16 hours.

When you decide to choose VIP package, together with a trainer you will agree the best training option: frequency and lenght of the meetings and the form of a class (in-peson, online or mix).

The class can be delivered in English or Polish.

All standard materials and resources are included.

Normal certification process applies.


Book your place!

The offer is limited to 6 spots per year!

The price of each VIP class is 4,500 PLN net + 23% VAT

Contact me, if you are interested in taking the class or if you have any questions

No upcoming events at the moment

Do you have special needs? Does none of the dates suits you? Do you have wider group, who would like to attend the class?

Registering for any course listed here will be subject to the follow 

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