Kanban. The Alternative Path to Agility



Kanban Method is evolutionary change management way to improve your work, services, and organizations. It focuses on service, but deeply cares about people.

If you see that:

⦁    Your workflow and people are overburdened, and you do not know, where to start;
⦁    There is huge unevenness in the flow of work causing fluctuations of delivery;
⦁    You promise too early, what brings stress, wasted time and effort and problematic communication

Kanban Method is for you!

You can apply it:

⦁    For your daily activities
⦁    In you your team
⦁    Across your department
⦁    In the whole company
⦁    At home!

If you start to use Kanban Method, you will quickly see, how your work improved. How smooth and transparent it became!

Is Kanban for IT teams only? 
No, it is not! Everyone can use it. 

I heard Kanban has no rules. How can I use it? 
Kanban is so intuitive and user-friendly that even 4-year old children can apply it easily!

Is Kanban the same as board? 
No, it is not! The board and other forms of visualization are only the tiny top of the iceberg.

Start with us your Kanban journey and you experience how it can change your life!


Your first step in Kanban journey!

Improve the work of your team. Unhide hidden work. Organize unorganized workflows. Help in helpless situation. 

You will learn how to manage the flow of work, visualize it and remove overburden from your team.

Service Delivery Manager

Become proficient in Kanban implementations!

Learn how to design end-to-end Kanban system, no matter where you work.


Improve it through active expectations management, creating effective feedback loops and collective value-adding metrics.

Service Request Manager

Become a friends with thousands of ideas piling up in your backlog.

Learn how to manage ideas pool, succesfully filter what is truly important and sequence value adding projects.

Improve your upstream Kanban through active expectations management, creating effective feedback loops and real options appliaction.

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