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Jump into your customer shoes and fit their purpose!
Understand deeply your customers and services to precisely meet their needs and delight them. Do not create anymore what you think is good for them. Deliver products and services, which they want as good for them.
This class will offer you significant new insights into how to optimize the effectiveness of your business, to produce fit-for-purpose products and services that delight your customers, making them loyal to your brand and increasing your share, revenues and margins. 

‘I do not really know, what my customers want from me.’
‘Our customers are always unsatisfied with results.’
‘The data and metrics I gather mean nothing and help nothing.’

Who is it for?

⦁    Executives and decision makers who set strategy and          choose the portfolio of products and services offered. 
⦁    Anyone performing the following functions: strategic          planning, strategic marketing, market research,                  product management, product design, service design,        product ownership, and portfolio management.

Who will not find it useful?

⦁    If you do not work with customers directly and do not need to address their needs, you will probably do not discover all flavors of F4P framework

What results will you observe?

⦁    You will understand who your customer is.
⦁    You will be able to recognize, what your customer really needs.
⦁    You will start gather meaningful data and take effective decisions based on them.
⦁    Using handful tools and techniques you will be able to gather information from different customer’s representatives.

How does training look?

Classroom training

⦁    2 days
⦁    16 hours (usually 9 AM to 5 PM)
⦁    Lunch and materials included


Online training

⦁    4 days
⦁    4 hours each day (working days in the evening, weekends in the mornings)
⦁    Materials included


     Training Agenda

⦁    Understand that all products or services have design, implementation, and service delivery elements.
⦁    Recognize and define or describe a customer purpose.
⦁    Learn how to segment your market based on customer purpose.
⦁    Understand the 4 types of metrics: Fitness Criteria (used to select your product or service in the market); general                health indicators; improvement drivers and vanity metrics.
⦁    Learn how to report F4P Card surveys using the Fitness Box Score method.
⦁    Understand the two ways of learning your customers’ purposes: customer narrative relayed from frontline staff –               “flying visually”; and using the F4P Card market research tool – “flying on instruments”.

What is included?

⦁    Official training materials from David J. Anderson School of Management
⦁    Certificate of class completion.
⦁    Catering (classroom training)


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Do you have special needs? Does none of the dates suits you? Do you have wider group, who would like to attend the class?

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