We are passionate pragmatics that will help change in an evolutionary fashion!
Together with us you will:
Build safe and nice-to-be work environment
Support processes at your work and deliver tangible results
Increase your customer happiness 
Sustain the change and improvement process at your company
We will use your creativity, knowledge, and experience to start and build up. You will get the tools and techniques to ignite improvements initiatives and see the results.
We are not going to force you for innovation. You will want to do it by yourself and inject the 


Our Team

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Katarzyna Czekaj

Agile coach, trainer, and coach. Kanban advocate who believes in evolutionary change and fit-for-purpose organizations.
However, her journey started as a software developer. After a few years she moved into a Scrum Master role and currently holds an Agile Coach role. Apart from this she is a certified coach (ICF standards) where her mission is to support IT Leaders.

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Anna Radzikowska

I am Kanban & Lean acolyte and practitioner with a life goal to release people’s awesomeness. I have over 12 years of experience in finance, training, and project management: working in public sector, big companies and running own business.
I always combine project work with its a practical application in daily activities, what results in continuous support, training, and improvements also after project ends. I am kaizen culture and Kanban method passionate, trying to spread these ideas among my colleagues and co-workers. Being ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) member helps me to better understand the business which I am working with but also gives me another angle view on different (including financial) aspects of software development and product support.
For 16 years already I have played classical, paper-based RPG (Role Playing Games), which is not only a passion but also a way to develop myself as a trainer and smuggle new techniques to the training I deliver.